At NH Consulting & Engineering, our values reflect our identity. Excellence, transparency, performance, integrity, creativity and team spirit are our core features at the office.


Integrity is at the heart of our activities at NH Consulting & Engineering. We are dedicated to the respect and reinforcement of our ethics and standards surrounding our profession.


The services we offer to our clients are the result of a well-thought out work lead by our dedicated team.


Creating tailor-made strategic offers using our expertise and ingenuity, is the main objective of our team to accompany all of you.


At NH Consulting & Engineering, we advocate quality. We make a point to deliver high-quality services adapted to the needs of the clients.

#Team spirit

Working as a team is the key for success. Fortunately, at NH Consulting & Engineering, team spirit is a strength embraced by each one of us every day.


By supporting the work of the talented Isidore Kouamé Koffi, notably known for his piece named “Enfants Talibés”, NH Consulting & Engineering wish to accompany the SMEs in their evolution. These are companies are often left behind like the children of the streets.


To create a sense of security and trust towards our clients and associates, we always remain transparent in all our activities.

26 BP 1402 ABIDJAN 26
Plateau - Rue du Commerce, Building EBRIEN 3rd
Floor, Access A, Apartment N°35
Phone : +225 20 32 07 80 – Fax : +225 20 22 57 58

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