Focusing on the quality of financial information.

NH Consulting & Engineering manages your company’s accounting in the most relevant and efficient way.

  • Implementation of the new tailor-made accountancy system;
  • Monitoring and management of accounts;
  • Supervision of accounting services;
  • Establishment and monitoring of the operational cost accounting;
  • Accounting assistance of any kind;
  • Establishment of periodic situations, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts;
  • Establishment of forecast situations;
  • Establishment of group accounts, consolidation of balance sheets and accounts;
  • Establishment of funding table.

NH Consulting & Engineering offers you the support when it comes to the preparation and production of your company’s audit.

  • Contractual revision of the accounts;
  • Review of internal control procedures;
  • Audit before acquisition of stakes;
  • Valuation of companies and securities of companies (in case of sale, divestment, contributions, successions, sharing, donations, or at the request of various organizations);
  • Management expertise;
  • Organization and performance audit.

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