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NH Consulting & Engineering prepares your company’s contracts and leases.

  • Contracts and leases

NH Consulting & Engineering has a complete mastery of corporate law and can advise you about the different issues that can arise.

  • Choice of the corporate structure;
  • Implementation of all operations (incorporation, increase in capital, transfer of shares, fusion, merger, transformation, demerger, dissolution, liquidation);
  • Administration of companies (minutes of board meeting, General Assembly or any formalities);
  • Individual business law;
  • Patrimonial right;
  • Social security of the business leader.

Our consultancy firm operates in the field of taxation and can guide through the usually long and complex procedures.

  • Research and consultations on fiscal issues;
  • Participation in the preparation of tax returns;
  • Direct taxes;
  • VAT and related taxes;
  • Real estate tax system;
  • Registration fees and transfer taxes;
  • Other taxes;
  • Assistance to taxpayers during audits.

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