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NH Consulting & Engineering has an extensive knowledge of labour laws. We can offer you the necessary support to follow the regulations, prepare the payroll accounting and we assure a daily assistance in case of grievance or audit requests.

  • Application of labor legislation and regulations;
  • Consultations on specific labor law issues;
  • Research and drafting of employment contracts;
  • Dismissal problems;
  • Problems relating to representation in the company, staff representatives; employee representative committee, union rights;
  • Research and application of laws relating to the participation of workers in the benefits of the expansion;
  • Incentive system (implementation, control);
  • Continuous professional training;
  • Consultation on the specific problems of Social Security and Social Welfare (especially pension schemes);
  • Establishment of pay slips and wage accounting;
  • Establishment of declarations of social contributions;
  • Assistance with claims and audits of social administrations.

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