Ensuring a permanent growth

NH Consulting & Engineering offers expertise in general management and to ensure the survival of your business.

  • Provisional management;
  • Costs, margins and profitability analysis;
  • Investment projects: cost and profitability;
  • Dashboards, budget control;
  • Contribution to the protection of the company's assets;
  • Profit optimization study;
  • Management ratios;
  • Assistance in the prevention and treatment of business difficulties.

Our consultancy company is an expert in financial management and knows how to guide in the technical and strategic procedures.

  • Analysis of financial management and profitability of capital invested;
  • Financial ratios;
  • Techniques to analyse and manage working capital;
  • Credit systems, leasing, factoring;
  • Participation (research, assistance, practical realization);
  • Constitution of grant files, reduction of transfer duties, exemption from business tax.

NH Consulting & Engineering helps you establish and consolidate a good relationship with the banking and financial institutions.

  • Compiling files in the context of creations and business establishments;
  • Financial structure analysis;
  • Establishment of cash plans;
  • Construction of medium and long-term financing plans;
  • Choice of funding methods and establishment of credit files;
  • Supply and use table (historical and provisional);
  • Central Balance Sheet Office;
  • Support in the search for funding.

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