By supporting the work of the talented Isidore Kouamé Koffi, notably known for his piece named “Enfants Talibés”, NH Consulting & Engineering wish to accompany the SMEs in their evolution. These are companies are often left behind like the children of the streets.

Talibé Children of Senegal

Work of the painter artist Isidore Isidore

Private collection of Mr Hervé NDOBA (Patron of the artist) Hervé NDOBA (Mécène de l’artiste)

Isidore Kouamé Koffi is the author of this exceptional work, which highlights a scene of daily life on the streets of Senegal, but not only...all cities here and elsewhere have their "Talibé Children". As street children, left behind, let us reject our standardized society, the artist invites us to an introspection on our society, but also and especially on our contribution, our individual and collective actions in order to try to improve this situation.

Beyond the work, the artist's own technique is militant. This jewel of visual art was created in a completely unstructured style, from successive tasks, to create a structured work full of meaning and emotion. Like these talibé children, these tasks without any interest for the greatest number of people, have given meaning to their lives by participating in a common project that is highly appreciated by all.

Isidore knew, thanks to his self-sacrifice, how to change their destiny.

From then on, the bridge between art and consulting appeared to be a blinding fact. These small and medium-sized companies, which represent the bulk of our target, are comparable to these Talibé Children, rejected by the traditional economic, financial and banking system, because they are poorly or insufficiently supported. Like Isidore, we are committed to transforming them through accessible support, designed for everyone, in order to make them true models of success.

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